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6 Workforce Trends That Are Here To Stay

Trring!!!! Snooze! 5 mins later – trring! Snooze. Snap. Jump into the shower. Gotta be at work by 8 am! And it’s a half-hour ride! 

This all too familiar scene is now a thing of the past for many of us. All because of the Covid-crash disruption of work-in-the-office to work-from-home, and now for many, work from both – the trending, here-to-stay hybrid work model. 

So now, it’s probably an even more of a longer commute to reach your desk through the weekend clutter in your own house! But your dress choices are easy – just focus on the top – a shirt, dress, blazer, or even a T. Bottoms can be – err – let’s just leave that to your mood on the day, shall we?

This pivotal work model has influenced brands so much that corporate top wear is trending!

While on the topic of trending in corporate, let’s explore some key trends in the US workforce from here to 2024.

1. A big thumbs-up for dynamic work models:

The Covid pandemic totally upended the structure of work. Work is no longer tied to the traditional workspace in the office. Work from home/work from office/work from both/work from anywhere – such remote/hybrid work models are here to stay.

What is the case for remote work models?

  • greater flexibility
  • less cost both for the company and the employee

For example, Flex jobs said to have saved $5 million thanks to remote work, and IBM and Microsystems are estimated to have reduced their real estate cost by $50 million and $68 million a year respectively. Working professionals also save a lot of money that’s usually spent on commuting, corporate clothing, food, and other things.

While companies continue to refine their policies as per hybrid work models, business leaders must ensure that their hiring managers aren’t favoring in-office workers over remote employees to attract and retain top talent.

2. Advances in technology:

Yes, a robot may take your job. but, wait, the future isn’t bleak.

3. Upskilling a must:

Here is the silver lining. We DID say the future isn’t bleak! 

This talent shortage has forced companies to upskill their workforce. In fact, several companies like PWC and JPMorgan Chase have already started investing millions and billions into upskilling their workforce. While digital skills for tech jobs will be high in demand, soft skills will be equally valued in hybrid and remote settings. The workforce will be hired mainly to focus on areas that require emotional intelligence, creativity, critical thinking, and resilience.

4. Quiet quitting and great resignations continue:

While many companies are introducing attractive pay packages, providing stock options, and focusing on retaining their workforce by upskilling them, it’s not enough; according to a press release by Oracle, 88% of people felt that success in their job meant work-life balance, mental health, and workplace flexibility.

Beyond 2023, professionals will hold their employers to high standards and will not tolerate being treated poorly. Therefore, it becomes essential for businesses to ensure their employees’ wellness – mentally, physically, and financially.

5. Rise of the gig:

With the increase in demand for flexible and hybrid work models, the gig economy offers both employers and employees a range of benefits. As the gig economy consists of highly skilled independent workers, employers can easily attract the right talent and save costs that usually go into training and onboarding new hires. 

The gig economy and remote work models will push organizations to implement remote management technology to monitor, track, and communicate with freelance hires.

6. Co-working spaces will be the new normal:

Co-working spaces aren’t just alternative workspaces anymore but a place that allows employees and companies to network with industry leaders and create partnerships.

Encouraging diversity in skillsets and taking a collaborative approach in certain projects:

  • produces effective results
  • improves efficiency 
  • results in innovation

How can Jobs n Gigs Help?

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