About us

The company, the people, the family

Our vision for the future of work

Jobs n Gigs aims to build the largest and most trusted talent and job marketplace in the world, brimming with exciting opportunities and highly-skilled professionals, in a transparent and rewarding environment for everybody involved — contractors, customers, our employees who help us build and grow, and all other stakeholders.

Our "PRITEE" values

Professionalism and Respect complement our core values encompassing Integrity, Transparency, Empathy, and Excellence (PRITEE) in everything we do, and form the basis for every interaction with all our stakeholders.

Jobs n Gigs is an employee-first company — fair to every hand that built us, and sharing rewards with them. We have a flat organizational structure, with easy communication and exchange of ideas between all team members. With this approach, everyone is engaged and has a stake in the success of Jobs n Gigs, motivated to take good care of our marketplace talent and our customers — thereby helping us achieve our vision.

Our mission of service

We will only engage with employees, talent, customers, and partners that fully subscribe to and support our vision. Our technology platform will be extremely beneficial to all contractors and customers, delivering our services and solutions to them on demand, and inputs from all our patrons will determine how our business and technology evolves.

Our PRITEE values will be the way we build trust with all stakeholders, including employees, and our customers and contractors in the Jobs n Gigs marketplace.

We will adopt a “win-win-win” approach to doing business, and retain only a small slice of the revenue for ourselves to ensure that our customers and contractors benefit the most with lower expenses and higher pay, respectively. Higher volumes, not higher margins, will be our commercial mantra, while higher efficiency and efficacy through motivated employees and superior technology will be our operational mantra.

Join us in our mission

If you have an exciting business prospect, we would love to hear from you and work out how we can help each other and achieve our goals together, with trust and transparency.