Gamification in Recruitment

Let’s Play! Why Gamification Is An Important Recruitment Strategy

Looking for an effective recruitment strategy that enables you to assess both the hard and soft skills of candidates in an engaging and fun manner?

Find out how gamification can be leveraged to evaluate a candidate’s creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, selling, negotiation skills, and more.

Workforce Trends

6 Workforce Trends That Are Here To Stay

Trying to find new ways to improve company culture, employee retention, employee experience, and curb workplace passivity?

Well then, here’s a list of workforce trends that aren’t just current but will help you stay competitive and relevant in the long run.

2 Top Reasons Why You Should Care About Culture In Your Workplace

Did you know that there are two essential things that can significantly improve your employee morale and maximize their output?

Learn how they can be leveraged to create a productive workplace culture.

4 Hacks To Be Happy At Work, In Post Pandemic 2022

Back to working at office in post pandemic 2022. Here are four hacks to help you be happy and retain your cool.

Why Soft Skills Are Essential In A Hard Skills World

In the Hard Skills/Soft skills tug of war, who do you think wins? Is there even a winner?

Find out how soft skills can set you apart in your workplace!

Experience the speed of trust

See first hand how Jobs n Gigs’ business model based on trust and transparency streamlines your hiring process, reduces turn-around-time, while also reducing your hiring costs!