Benefits of partnering with jobsngigs

4 Big Benefits Of Partnering With Jobs n Gigs

James had recently lost his job as an Android developer at his firm which had decided to downsize because the company failed to meet its revenue goals three quarters in a row.

On a friend’s recommendation, James decided to seek help from Jobs n Gigs, an IT staffing firm. What really made him upload his resume on Jobs n Gigs was the referral by a friend’s friend Alex who was placed by Jobs n Gigs in a tech firm as a senior engineer in a temp role.

Alex mentioned that he’d had great interactions with the Talent Relationship Manager (TRM) of Jobs n Gigs – an AI-enabled job platform, who had eventually found him a really good job opportunity. He’d raved about their excellent, professional, and personable services. He even mentioned having referred a couple of other engineers from his network who found jobs with ease!

James experienced a similar quality of engagement with Jobs n Gigs and was placed in a temp role in a small-sized start-up.

In just 3 months, he received a raise and an extension on his contract! As a temporary employee!

This is the best time to acknowledge the various advantages of temporary employment/consulting roles

Let’s check out what they are:

1. Flexible working hours:

Temp work typically accommodates a flexible work schedule that allows you to plan time for other activities like learning a new skill, or focusing on your hobbies, or responsibilities on the home front. Work-life balance? You got it!

2. Helps fill employment gaps:

Resume gaps often raise red flags in the mind of a recruiter about your competency and personality. With a temporary position, you can continue to build your skill set and showcase it on your resume.

3. Opportunity to experience other firms:

Is there a dream company you’ve always wanted to work in? Get your foot in the door with a consulting gig. Not only do you get a feel of the work, you get a sense of its culture, environment, and people. And if any permanent positions open up, you’ll have an advantage, having already worked there as a consultant.

4. Build your professional network:

With temporary employment, you get to grow your contacts and build a professional network that can provide you with solid references and help you land great opportunities.

Why you should work with Jobs n Gigs to find temporary, consulting work

1. AI-powered recommendations

Jobs n Gigs will help you secure a role that is a perfect fit for you with the help of our experienced Talent Relationship Managers (TRM), through the AI-enabled platform.

2. Trust and transparency:

With Jobs n Gigs, you get access to all the details concerning your job, prospective employer, and also engagement financials. This helps you make informed decisions.

3. Flexible engagements:

Whether your role requires telecommuting or working at the office, you are free to negotiate the terms with your employer.

4. Higher earnings:

Thanks to Jobs n Gigs’s competitive margins, clients are charged only 5-18% of the billing rate, ensuring that candidates receive a lion’s share of 82–95% of the contractual billing.

Upload your resume today on Jobs n Gigs to find your next gig!

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