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The typical scenario: A fluctuating job market. A terrific talent pool. And not enough matching jobs.

We at Jobs n Gigs understand that.

Jane is a solutions-oriented Java developer with rich experience handling large-scale technical projects like network development, technical support, and sophisticated product implementation. 

Her profile was an immediate fit with a variety of tech companies but there weren’t enough job vacancies in the market to match her experience or salary expectation.

With responsibilities on the home front, getting a better job was her top priority.

Who do you think was her savior?  An IT contractual staffing firm. They placed Jane with a mid-sized tech company in a contractual position for 3 months.

Over the next year, Jane continued working as a contractor.

In this new role, with both great pay and flexibility, Jane continued to grow. Constant demand for her skills in the contract staffing market ensured year-round opportunities for this skilled technologist.

YOU too could be making six figures as an independent contractor!

Read on to learn how:

What is a contract or temp job?

A contract job is a job given to a professional for their services for a specified period and a fixed cost.

How you gain as a contract employee:

  • Rich experience: Develop new skills, work with new technologies and get invaluable experience.
  • Higher pay: Get higher pay for niche skills.
  • Superior market value:  Fast-track your career, up your market value and increase your bill rate with your new, enhanced skills.
  • Diversity of experience: Get exposed to many industries and accumulate a variety of experiences.
  • Escape office politics: Achieve career advancement through your skills without having to cozy up to your boss or out-maneuver your peers.
  • Better work-life balance: Relax, as you enjoy the flexibility of a contractual position that increases both your skill quotient AND the time you spend with your family, friends, and hobbies.
And now for the juiciest part!

How can you gain from working with Jobs n Gigs?

First, what is Jobs n Gigs?

Jobs n Gigs is a marketplace that allows job hunters in the technology domain to find great jobs with some of the best employers including both Fortune-500 companies AND exciting startups that value talent, skill, and experience.  Jobs n Gigs is a go-to destination for contract hiring in the United States.

WHY should YOU be part of the Jobs n Gigs talent team?

  • Targeted opportunities: We match your skills to opportunities with the best technical fit.
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled technology: Robust, intelligent, and intuitive AI- technology helps us match you perfectly and quickly.
  • Total transparency: You directly connect with the prospective employer and negotiate your contractual agreement for work engagement, financials, job description etc.

So, let’s help you get that dream job.  All you have to do is create your account on Jobs n Gigs. 

Leave the rest to us.

Visit https://jobsngigs.com/ and upload your resume NOW!

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