AI for Targeting Terrific Talent

Targeting Terrific Talent With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A stack of resumes to scan before I find some really suitable candidates. And I need them yesterday!

Sounds familiar?

Let’s change that for you.

One of our clients who engaged Jobs n Gigs to source talent said that by his estimate, we helped him save tons of hours sourcing; reduced recruitment time by 50%, improved hiring speed by 72%, and saved thousands of dollars.

YOU can do the same.

Let’s show you how.


Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in selecting the ‘right’ candidate.

What is AI for recruiting?

Very simply, AI for recruiting involves the application of AI to the talent acquisition process.

How can AI help hire talent more efficiently:

  • Resume sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and scheduling: AI utilizes the data present in the system to match the knowledge, skills, and experience of the candidate as per the job requirements. It even standardizes this process over time, thus improving the quality of the match.  Additionally, it schedules interviews and triggers assessments.
  • Assessing technical and non-technical fit: With the help of psychometrics and attitude testing, AI can be deployed to assess a candidate’s soft skills like extroversion, leadership, teamwork, empathy, resilience, communication, and more.
  • Removes biases: AI recruiting tools are designed to match a candidate to the specified criteria rather than focusing on their gender, ethnicity etc. Thus, personal biases are eliminated, ensuring inclusive hiring, and greater diversity in the workplace.
  • Improves quality of hire: AI can be used to screen thousands of resumes to find a candidate that matches the specified search criteria. This enables recruiters to conduct effective interviews that lead to strong hires and reduces their average time to hire.

Jobs n Gigs specializes in placing talent in Emerging technologies and Enterprise IT technologies in hundreds of small to medium companies in the US. We certainly use AI to select smart and right. And then some.

Read on to know what makes us a trusted and sought-after talent provider.

  • Market knowledge: With 3 decades of technology experience behind us, domain expertise and market knowledge are deeply embedded in our DNA. We’ve been there, done that, and delivered more often than not.
  • Technically qualified talent sourcing and relationship team: Our team of talent hunters speak the language. Backed with appropriate educational and professional backgrounds, they are skilled in approaching the right candidates, filtering, short-listing, and introducing them to you.
  • White glove service: Right from the time you tell us your requirement, we become your partner. From understanding the requirements from a 360-degree perspective, to sourcing, shortlisting, vetting candidates on their technical expertise, soft skills, cultural fit, we do all this to complete the search for the candidate that matches your criteria. 
  • Trust and transparency: Trust and transparency have been the core of our 30 plus years in business. All details of candidates like job experience, education qualifications, reviews, skills, are laid out on the table. We also give direct access to candidates for you to connect and negotiate the contractual agreement regarding job details, work engagement, financials, etc., while we take care of them during the entire contractual period.
  • Matchless margins: Jobs n Gigs charges only 5-18% service fees to its clients, allowing the candidates to receive 82-95 % of the billing amount. This unbeatable pricing enables us to pay the contractors more, keep them motivated, and engaged, while helping you balance the budget. Without compromising on the quality of the candidate.

At Jobs n Gigs, we create a transparent and rewarding environment for everybody. We help candidates get matched with jobs that are meant for them and help employers get access to skilled professionals who are right for their roles. 

Visit us at and contact us to experience a truly wow staffing experience!

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