3 steps to reaching your job goal through a tech staffing firm - a quick primer

Matchmaking seems easier than landing the right job of your dreams!

We all had our dreams and wondered how our partner would turn out to be. Tall, dark, and handsome, beautiful in and out, maybe a hopeless romantic who is lion-hearted, spontaneous, and opinionated? Someone who’s emotionally mature enough to manage conflicts, who knows how to tickle my funny bones and who can love all my scars and imperfections regardless of how deep they are.

Landing that perfect job is similar to landing the person of your dreams. 

All you need is someone who understands your needs and matches you with the right company and the right job, in this case.

Like we do. At Jobs n Gigs – the trusted tech staffing firm.

At Jobs n Gigs, the platform’s AI-powered recommendations intelligently match the candidates and clients with each other. Then our skilled Talent Relationship Managers (TRM) take over; they interact with candidates and clients to collect information regarding their interests, preferences, skills required, skills honed, and other details. Once the match happens, they are free to negotiate the terms of engagement and decide if they would like to work with each other.

The recruitment process at Jobs n Gigs - this is how we do it:

  • Identify client hiring needs/candidate requirements: Similar to how matchmakers assess their client’s personality traits and find out information regarding the qualities they seek in their partner; at Jobs n Gigs, our ace Talent Relationship Managers – TRM (matchmakers) follow a flexible recruiting process that allows them to use the information on their clients hiring needs in terms of job requirements, qualities in a candidate, and budget to determine the best recruitment strategy. Similarly, they engage with the jobseeker to review their credentials, understand their preferences, and direct them to the best match.
  • Clear timelines: If you’ve watched the series Indian Matchmaking on Netflix, you’ll see how Sima aunty follows a planned schedule, advises her clients accordingly, and consistently makes her clients progress through the process of matchmaking. This ensures a smooth process and bestows confidence and trust among her clients.

At Jobs n Gigs we have specified timelines for each stage in the hiring process i.e, pre-employment tests, interviews, onboarding, and training. This ensures timely management of the workload enabling us to meet client expectations.

  • Matching candidates through AI: Just as Albert Einstein said “you cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.” – we at Jobs n Gigs take that very seriously and thus use our platform’s AI-powered recommendations to match candidates with job roles that fit their skills and interests.

So, the question, why us? Why Jobs n Gigs?

  • Access to local talent: Regardless of whether it’s a contractual engagement or a full-time position, through Jobs n Gigs candidates get access to high-paying job opportunities while employers get the right hires.

  • Trust and transparency: The Jobs n Gigs platform allows both employers and candidates to connect with each other to negotiate and finalize the terms of engagement and financials. This allows them to make informed decisions.

  • Low margins: Jobs n Gigs charges between 5-20% of the billing rate for its clients, ensuring candidates receive a whopping 80-95% of the billing.

So, connect with our Talent Relationship Managers through Jobs n Gigs, and let us fetch you your ideal talent or your dream job!

Upload your resume today on Jobs n Gigs to find your next gig!

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