The 5 Pros Of Partnering With An AI-Enhanced Recruitment Agency

Get Thern’s medallion and transport yourself to Barsoom!

Not literally of course, but what I mean is – yes, all of us long to land a job that gives us amazing powers, work that is challenging and exciting to come to, every day. A dream we hope to live out!

Just as the medallion is vital to Carter in the movie ‘John Carter’, landing a good job right here on this planet (Mars is too far away;-)) is essential to our well-being – for the satisfaction of fulfilling a higher purpose, and financial, social, and emotional security. 

Now, as a job seeker, you might be thinking how lucky Carter was to have had a little help from the medallion that helped him achieve all of this. 

Well, don’t lose hope yet because an AI-powered recruitment platform can be the medallion that can help transport you to the job you love, in a company you aspire to work for.

Let’s check out how a recruitment agency can be useful in landing the job of your dreams:

1. Deep and wide reach

A recruitment agency will know dozens and hundreds of employers in its network. In some cases, certain firms like to work exclusively with recruitment platforms instead of hiring through job portals. Therefore, a recruitment platform could come in handy in gaining access to unlisted positions.

2. Market specialization knowledge

AI-enabled recruitment platforms are up to date with various industry trends and specific job requirements in the market. They are aware of newer job postings and are quick to match your skills with relevant positions.

3. Job search

Sometimes, even the perfect resume and the right skills just aren’t enough, so finding that ideal position can be elusive and tiring. But once you’ve registered yourself with an AI-powered recruitment platform they will hunt the job for you, recommend open positions that match your criteria, and also give you access to exclusive opportunities and confidential roles that aren’t available to everyone. 

4. Increase candidate visibility

A recruitment consultancy knows a large number of recruiters and companies in its network, so sharing your resume wherever relevant becomes easier for them. This automatically improves your visibility.

5. Provide guidance

A recruitment consultancy can help refine your resume, prepare you for job interviews, and teach you how to negotiate your salary. They will help emphasize the skills required for a particular position to ensure that you secure the best offer as a desirable candidate.

Why choose Jobs n Gigs over other recruitment agencies

1. Exciting job opportunities

Through Jobs n Gigs’ AI-powered platform, you get access to exciting and high-paying job opportunities with the help of our Talent Relationship Managers (TRM) based on your skills and interests.

2. Trust and transparency

With Jobs n Gigs you get access to all information relating to the job position, employer, and engagement financials – upfront. This enables you to make informed decisions.

3. Higher payment

Jobs n Gigs charges its clients only 5-20% of the billing rate; its competitive margins ensure that candidates receive a whopping 80-95% of the billing.

4. Flexible engagements

Regardless of whether the job opportunity requires you to work from home or office, you can directly negotiate the terms with your prospective employer.

Upload your resume today on Job n Gigs to land your dream job!

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